Binary option: earn 80% profit over 15 minute periods

The financial market has opened to the public since the inception in 2008 of binary options trading by the CBOE or Chicago Board of Options Exchange. Online brokers are more numerous and competition is fierce to attract as many traders as possible. The principle is simple and the offers are diverse, but the goal is to allow customers to gain profit .

The principle on which binary options are based

Binary options trading was created in the United States in 2008 to make it easy for all individuals to speculate on financial assets. It is not a question of buying market share, but of forecasting price movements in the market, that is to say determining whether they are rising or falling. This explains the term used for online trading: binary options. It is necessary to know how to observe the trend followed by the variation of the value of the courses in a determined period of time. To obtain gains, it is necessary to be able to accurately predict the price of an asset during this period. The goal is to obtain profits in a short time, which is one of the complicated steps of the procedure.

This technique is accessible to everyone even to those who are not experts in the field. The way of speculating offers the possibility of benefiting from a substantial and rapid return on investment. The risks to be taken in the field are limited and the speculations allow a return of 85% in a duration of 15 minutes.

The different types of choice

Only one way to invest in binary options existed when the system was set up, it is high / low options (High / Low or Call / Put), allowing to bet on the rise or fall coming from the course of an asset. The market has evolved and other methods have appeared including the Zone or Range option. This makes it possible to determine whether or not the value of a price will be included in a price range fixed in advance by the broker, before the end of the duration of the trade. When the trader foresees that the price will be included in a given range, he puts “in”, and otherwise he must bet “out”. The OneTouch option, for its part, consists of specifying a value that the price of an asset must reach in a given period. In this case, the trader sets a value that will serve as a threshold.